Pro Cleaning

  • Housekeeping

    We employ the most skilled cleaners in Chicago, IL. They will ensure the home you live in is maintained properly, clean and is a healthy environment.
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  • Flat Cleaning

    Flats may be smaller than houses but require the same amount of maintenance. Our cleaners will ensure you live in a very clean and tidy apartment.
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  • Rug Cleaning

    Keeping your rugs and carpets in good condition can be difficult as they gather a lot of dirt and dust. We will get them to look brand new again.
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  • Move In Cleaning

    Clean the mess at your new place and make sure it is properly sanitized before you start living there. We will take care of your new office just as easy.
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Home And Office Cleaning - Chicago Maids Co.

With so many different cleaning firms offering their services it is easy to get confused when hiring someone to do the tough job of tidying up for you. The only sure way not to make a mistake is to rely on the tried and true services of Chicago Maids Co.

The bleak picture of what happens when you don’t hire us.

If instead of our stellar services you choose to go with another, lesser cleaning company you should be prepared for one or more of the following:
  • Damages
  • Delays
  • Theft
  • Unfair rates
  • Poorly done job
We cannot count the number of times we have been called in after another Chicago company had tried to clean a home or an office, only to find it in a much worse state than the one it was in before the intervention of the previous firm. We are quite capable of handling such jobs as well, however for our clients’ sake we recommend that you hire us right away instead of wasting money on both of the services.

Our (wo)man power

Not everybody gets to be a part of our crew of Chicago cleaners, in fact only a chosen few go on to be cleaning specialists in our employ. From all of our maids we require a particular skillset as to ensure that they live up to our incredibly high standards of quality of work. Even after they have passed our selection they are still required to pass months of raining before they can undertake cleaning jobs.

Book maids anywhere in Chicago

The right tools for the job

From brooms to high-powered vacuum cleaners we have it all. Our inventory is vast and it can be masterfully used by our cleaning professionals due to their all-encompassing training. Chicago Maids Co. are one of the most versatile firms out there, capable of:
  • Household cleaning
  • Commercial space cleaning
  • Storage space cleaning
  • Single item cleaning
  • Housekeeping services
  • Maid services
  • And much, much more
The cleaning products we use are top of the line as well. We value Mother Nature and we have decided to work in the most eco-friendly way possible while never sacrificing the results of our work. You get an environmentally sound, proper cleaning for only a modest fee, which brings us to our next topic:

The conditions

As we already said our services are extremely affordable. We manage this by calculating the cost of every single individual job, by factoring its difficulty our estimated expenses and a couple of other factors, to ensure a rate that would suit all clients. We follow the same pattern with our working hours: we offer our work round the clock so even the busiest of men and women can take advantage of our cleaning services in Chicago just by dialing our number or booking us online.

From its humble beginnings in 1837, Chicago has grown into one of the largest and most prosperous cities in the US. With its 10 million inhabitants (this includes the metropolitan area, the city itself is 2,7 million, still the third largest in the country) it is home to a diverse communities of people of all backgrounds and cultures. Every year an upwards of 50 million people visit this city for a large number of reasons, but mainly because it is one of the biggest commercial centers in the north.