Deep House Cleaning in Chicago, IL

You will find that a simple general cleaning often times does not cut it when you want a properly spotless household. For when you need someone to truly get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated in your home, even in the most concealed of places, Chicago Maids Co. are offering you our deep house cleaning services.

Regular cleaning vs deep cleaning

For starters, our company offers simple, generic cleaning as well. It would be unfair to state that it has no advantages over deep house cleaning because there are some times you would not be capable of utilizing the latter. The main advantages of “vanilla house cleaning” over its much more thorough cousin are:

  • It is much faster

If you are in a hurry to welcome some guests or simply cannot leave the house for long enough for us to be capable of completing the deep cleaning.

  • Less expensive

If you are financially challenged at that moment the normal variety can save you some money, we should note however that the price difference is not that large.

If you have the time and the means however the complete cleaning procedure will net much more satisfying results. It is hands down the superior of the two options for these reasons:

  • Much more thorough

It goes without saying but when you order a deep clean, Chicago Maids‘ experts are sure to clean every crack and cranny in your household. The will even uncover grime in places you never knew existed, and which could be potentially hazardous without you ever realizing it.

  • Higher quality of service

Deep House CleaningThe larger timeframe let our workers take their time to shine your home to perfection and are not as constrained as when they are doing a regular cleaning.

  • All the services of a regular cleaning and more

You are still getting everything you would with a regular cleaning, but while the first one is mainly cosmetic, the deep clean is the one that gets rid of all the waste properly.

  • More cost efficient

It is true that the net price of a full cleaning is higher however you get more for what you pay, the work that the maids do when they are doing a deep clean for the same cost as the regular housekeeping is much more.

How to take advantage of the service

It is quite easy: first you need to contact us either by dialing our number or online to negotiate the conditions. Afterwards we will estimate the cost and send it back to you to arrange an appointment that is convenient for you.

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Ever since its founding almost 2 centuries ago, Chicago has been one of the most prominent economic and cultural center in the US. This was the city that attracted the greatest number of immigrants from the south because of its rapidly growing industry. Today it is the seat of many of the wealthiest companies in the states and retains its importance as a tourist attraction.