Move-in Cleaning In Chicago, IL

Let’s say that you have bought or rented yourself and new place and all the arrangements have been made, alas the last owners or tenants weren’t overly keen on keeping it tidy. You need not worry in that situation, because you can always hire Chicago Maids Co. to fix their mess.


IF you think about it for a moment moving-in or moving-out of a home are one of the filthiest activities you can do in your home. Chaos is bound to follow in the wake of both of them and it is very likely that large amounts of hidden dirt that has been accumulating through the years will be uncovered much to your dismay. Also when moving to a new place such lack of cleanliness can be hazardous for a couple of reasons:

  • Health concerns

The most important one of them all the lack of sanitation can lead to many diseases for you or your pets.

  • Damage to your belongings

Small dust particles are particularly bad for electrical appliances and other impurities might cause corrosion to your property

  • Unaesthetic

While there a millions of styles and doctrines according to which you can arrange or refurbish your home not one of them states that your home being a pig stock is a good thing. Give your new life a fresh and clean start.

Book a maid for your new home

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What we offer

Move in CleaningWe have a longstanding tradition of always complying to our clients’ wishes when we clean their homes. We take every possible precaution to ensure that our quality of service consistently meets the highest standards of the industry. To do this we make sure that our:

  1. Maids are the best around

Our girls undergo a strict selection to make sure they have what it takes to become a part of our crew. But the process is not over there, afterwards they undergo an extensive training, making them experts in all fields cleaning related.

  1. Tools are top-notch

You are as good as your tools are when you are doing your job and in our case that is pretty damn good.

  1. Cleaning products are up to par

We never use any products or do any actions that might threaten the environment. The chemicals we use are both eco-friendly and get the job done.

Hiring us

Using our services is as simple as giving us a call or booking us online. We offer flexible working hours and fair rates.

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