Rug Cleaning in Chicago, IL

If your rug really does tie the room together than it deserves some proper care. If you are looking for someone to give it its much deserved washing look no further than Chicago Maids Co. – one of the best companies in the state of Illinois for all things cleaning-related.

The floor that requires the most care

  • We often think of our carpet as a part of the ground however its beauty comes at a price. While regular flooring such as tiles or hardwood flooring require little to no precautions taken when you wish to make them shine, even your average rug is an entirely different thing.
  • It can also become a huge inconvenience because unkempt rugs not only look horrid, they also emanate bad odors and have the tendency to become a breeding ground for all types of creepy crawlies. So instead of going through the chore (and health hazard) of cleaning it yourself or having it tucked away in some attic and basement only to be reminded of it by its awful stench when passing by, you should rely on our pro service to take care of it

Carpet experts

One of the many trainings that our maids in Chicago undergo is carpet cleaning. You can be sure that your prized possession is in the right hands when you call us. We apply only the best tools for the job (vacuums, steam etc.) to make sure that any large particles and organisms are rid of. All of the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly and of the highest standard. You can be sure that when we are done with your rug it will be as good as when you got it and all this will have a minimal biological footprint.

For a dirt free home – hire a maid

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Our services

Rug CleaningThe excellent quality of our work is mainly due to our cleaning experts. Our maids share years of experience and training between them and are well equipped to deal with the most challenging of tasks (check out our other services too).  Reaching and hiring us is beyond easy, all you need is a phone or an internet connection. Our working hours are as flexible as possible so don’t be afraid to call us even if you are extremely busy. Our rates are among the most affordable in the business as each individual tasks’ cost is calculated based on a couple of factors.

Located on the southeastern shores of Lake Michigan in the state of Illinois, Chicago is one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the north. Home to many famous landmarks such as Willis Towers and the Chicago building, it attract an upwards of fifty million people each year, a significant part of them are tourists. One of the other reasons why so many people visit the Windy city is the fact that for a good part of its existence it has served as a commercial center. Indeed people from all backgrounds and cultures come to Chicago, either seeking fortune, education or simply entertainment.