Staying on the Safe Side as You Go on a Vacation

Taking some time of is what we all desire and deservedly so. Most people work hard all year long and have just a few weeks of free time. Going out of town is an excellent way to relax and to recuperate after a few months of tiresome activities at the office or at home. Now this is not going to be a guide on how to stay safe in the bathroom of your hotel or what to wear at the beach. We are going to focus on how you can make sure that your home remains intact during your absence. This is an underestimated aspect of our vacation. Just because we are not going to sleep in our bed for a week doesn’t mean we are not coming back to it at all. We want to make sure that no accidents happen and that nobody breaks in. Locking the door is often not enough as it will not stop burglars from entering.

HolidayThis is why we want to take it easy with all the social media activities prior and during our vacation. Posting on your Facebook or Twitter that you are going to be away for a week is a great signal for people with all the wrong intentions. After you come back, upload all the photos you wish but telling everybody publically the exact dates on which you will not be home is not a smart idea.

You likely have plants and might even have a pet which you can’t bring along. Asking a good friend or neighbor to regularly come over and water the plants is a smart idea. They will be able to check on everything for you and make sure that nothing has gone wrong. You can do some checking yourself prior to leaving. Don’t ever leave the fridge door open and never turn off the device. It will defrost and all of your food will go bad and will smell awfully. Some people decide to shut the power down completely. Again, not a smart idea because of the fridge.

Having strangers over is not as scary as you might think

Others simply trust professionals which they have hired. For example the time during which you are not at home is great for a household sanitation or a domestic clearance. You can have maids over at your place for an extended period of time. These people don’t really need you there in order to do their job. In fact the owner of the home is often in the way instead of helping. If you are looking to get rid of some old things they will pack them up for you and transport them. These professionals are typically certified so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and nothing will get stolen. Furthermore they bear responsibilities as they are completely insured.

Investing in an alarm system is also not a bad idea but nowadays these things usually go with a monthly subscription and you will pay for it even during the time at which you are home.